Koer - Kulinarik & Bar

Welcome to the Koer

Between the Leinpfad Canal and the Alster we offer a modern, upscale cuisine and bar in a cozy, stylish atmosphere.

Making a choice ("in de Köör gahn" in the regional German dialect) is the origin of our name and our word creation.

Koer stands for choice and the demand for quality ingredients and preparation, for a symbiosis of modern market cuisine and a convivial bar, for an experience that delights through culinary art and remains memorable through hospitality.

Modern Market Cuisine

We celebrate the diversity of seasonal and regional produce.

Creativity and craftsmanship promise a journey through flavors, tastes and textures.

Our menu and dishes focus on discovery, variety and experience. We recommend the regularly changing Carte Blanche menu - also available in vegetarian.

Bar: A Place of Hospitality

Our bar, led by Head Bartender Moritz Schulte, serves exceptional signature creations, wine, neo | classics of mixology, and alcohol-free alternatives. In collaboration with the kitchen, we offer oysters, our special Koernerbrot and other snacks at the bar.

First Come First Serve. Now open on Wednesdays as well.


Season and region are paramount in the creation of our menus and dishes.

Each week, we present new creations and adjustments.

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